They are the altruistic Filipinos working as one with the poor and the powerless sharing the Primary Goal of alleviating poverty and marginalization

Financial Return of Investment (ROI) as the Secondary Goal is consequential regardless of social status, political affiliation, economics, and religious beliefs.

the company

Kowops eCommunity Solutions, Inc.

KOWOPS is a Canadian entrepreneurial corporation providing a socially innovative cooperative banking and payment ecosystem to bring modern financial services to the world's unbanked populations.

Kowops has delivered KoopBanker a proprietary banking system built on the technologies of Integrated Credit Resource Management (ICRM) system, to more than 100 Credit Cooperatives in the Philippines. The ICRM is distributed under Free Software Licensing Agreement. This model will be replicated to Credit Unions in developing and least developed countries.

The initiatives of Kowops is predicated on the assumption that alternative banking platforms exists for credit unions to deliver cost effective and affordable banking solutions to its members particularly to the marginalized and poor sector of the society.

Our Vision

Peace and Prosperity through Development

Our Mission

To empower the countryside with eCommunity Solutions consisting of integrated eCommerce; electronic financial management; payment and broadband technologies.

Our Goal

To enable Alternative Financial Institutions (AFIs) partners to offer cost-effective, affordable and sustainable traditional financial services to more than 2.5 billion unbanked worldwide. The AFIs are registered and regulated by government authorities as duly licensed credit cooperatives or credit unions in their respective jurisdictions.

Our Business Model

The Business Model of Kowops is an Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) service provider that enables the members of our Alternative Financial Institution (AFI) partners perform the following cooperative banking, funds transfer and payment transactions, anytime-anywhere, 24/7:


is an SMS-based and mobile application based solution for providing basic point-of-sale transactions. Effectively, this system is comparable to a virtual debit card on a consumer's phone. Consumers pay for goods and services at their local stores by simply sending a specially-coded text message that is processed by our system. To transact consumers and merchants only require a basic mobile phone (2G or better) and a banking relationship with one of our clients.

This solution is effective for both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) transactions. Rather than lining-up to pay over the counter, users can also pay bills such as electrical bills or tax bills by sending a specially-coded text to the number on their statement.


is the heart of the System for our clients, the banking system provided fully-integrated accounting, loan processing, and capital management functions to manage their institutions.


provides direct-to-account transfers of funds. These transfers can be international remittances to help clients receive funds from overseas family members or domestic transfers to help move funds to and from friends, family, and businesses across the country.

Contact Us

B7-970 Burrard St.
Vancouver, V6Z 2R4

For more information, please contact:


Edgar L. Quinto
President & CEO


Romeo Villanueva
Executive Chairman


John B. Alianza
Managing Director